Official IOE MUT Nanotechnology Group

Nanotechnology Group Picture Gallery

Nanotechnology Group Picture Gallery

In this picture gallery we present nanostructures synthesized or fabricated using various methods in our laboratories. In addition, we present here also more interesting results of characterization of various materials by using techniques available in our laboratories.


 SEM images of silica (SiO2) microspheres


SEM images of titania (TiO2) microspheres


Colloidal solutions of silver (left) and gold (right) nanoparticles.


Colloidal solutions of gold nanoparticles with various sizes.


 Powder and SEM image of Au@TiO2 (left) and Ag@TiO2 (right) core-shell structures.


Suspensions of Ag@TiO2 (left) and Au@TiO2 (right) core-shell structures.


SEM images of TiO2@Au (left) and SiO2@Au core-shell structures.


SEM image of TiO2@Au core-shell structures.


 SEM image of core-shell TiO2@Ag structures (left) and suspensions of this type structures (right) with different amount of silver on titania microspheres.


SEM image of silica (SiO2) microrods.



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