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Dr Bartłomiej Jankiewicz

Position: Group Leader

Research networks:

Dr Bartłomiej Jankiewicz




Bartłomiej Jankiewicz graduated from Military University of Technology (MUT) in 2004, where during MSc studies he worked on synthesis of liquid crystals in the group of Prof. Roman Dąbrowski. During his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Hilkka Kenttämaa he explored the gas-phase reactivity of the organic mono- and polyradicals using FT-ICR mass spectrometry. His research studies led to first characterization of the gas-phase chemical properties of organic triradicals. He then spent 1 year at the Faculty of Advanced Technologies and Chemistry MUT in the group of Prof. Roman Dąbrowski exploring possibility of using liquid crystals for various applications in the THz and GHz range of electromagnetic radiation. In 2010 he moved to Institute of Optoelectronics (IOE) MUT, where together with Dr Piotr Nyga, he established chemistry laboratory and started his research in the field of nanotechnology with main focus on the plasmonic nanomaterials. In 2016 he became leader of Nanotechnology Group IOE MUT.   

Research Interests

Synthesis of nanoparticles and assembly. Composites of nanoparticles and other materials. Characterization of nanoparticles and their composites properties by means of spectroscopic (UV-Vis-NIR and Raman Spectroscopies) and other (DLS, SLS, TRPS, DCS, PTA) techniques. Applications of nanoparticles and their composites. Raman and SERS spectroscopies. CBRN Defence and Security.


2013 - Top 500 Innovators Science - Management – Commercialization Programme, 2013 (2months), Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA

2008 - Ph.D., Organic chemistry - Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA 

Thesis: Gas-phase studies on the reactivity of charged, aromatic σ,σ,σ-triradicals by using distonic ion approach and Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) Mass Spectrometry. Thesis Advisor: Prof. Hilkka I. Kenttämaa

2004 - M.Sc. Eng., Organic Chemistry - Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland    

Thesis: Synthesis and measurement of physical properties of two- and three-ring esters with fluorine atoms in lateral position. Thesis Advisors: Dr Witold Drzewiński, Prof. Roman Dąbrowski


2013 Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education Fellowship for Outstanding Young Scientists

2013 Top 500 Innovators Programme Stipendist

2012 Conference grant to attend ISRIUM, Ascona, Switzerland – SCOPES Programme (SNSF, SDC)

2010 Scholarship of the Foundation for Polish Science "START Programme"

2004 Purdue University Graduate Fellowship

2004 Military University of Technology Rector Award for the outstanding Master Thesis

2004 Polish Ministry of Defense Award recipient for graduating “summa cum laude”


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